Purest Form

You ought to understand that I love you

That I crave the moments where we argue

Because that shows me who you are in your purest form

And I think that is magical

Yes, I’m a bit cynical

But you take my breath away in your purest form

The feel of your lips

Your hands on my hips 

You love me in my purest form

How privileged I am to have known you in your purest form. 


                  YOU NEED ME?

I move your mountains

I can take your pain away

You have to believe 


Sorry for the 3 day haitua guys! I’m going to Nigeria in a week and I still have some last minute preparations! Here’s a haiku I literally just wrote. Tell me what you think!! 🙏🏾


I imagine my ecstasy as a cold winter night

The freezing cold, nothing but our bodies to keep us warm

Our words translate into mists that float from out breaths into the atmosphere, yelling the world if our love

Lips, though chalked, re-moist themselves in an entangled bliss of kisses

Eyes, though misty, see nothing but a euphoric future in clear sight

Hands, oh the hands! Yes, the cold froze the hands but they still search and wander and knead skin with such grace, such want….such raw need

“Touch me”

“Keep me warm”

“Promise we’ll always be cold”

We’re shaking and the wind is only getting worse

We have no choice but to be closer

We can’t fight this war. No, not tonight

The winter won’t have it

“What now?”

We entangle ourselves in the curse that is love, in the euphoria of the moment, in the nostalgia that is to come, in the winter that is the ecstasy that I dream of…fantasize about…want