This is the part where I lose myself

This is the part where I gain my wealth

Or shall I dwindle?

Shall I depart?

Will I lose myself or gain all of my wealth?

I’m stuck in a constant loop of asking myself “why?” And, worse of all, “What if?”. It is an unhealthy habit but I can not for the life of me help myself. I WANT TO LIVE FREE. I want to be free, in all implications of the word. Care free, most especially.

I don’t want to care what anyone may think of me or my music or my art or my self expression as a whole.

It’s certainly a journey of I so why do I care so much about what THEY think?

It’s crazy because in the beginning, I would tell you it was a ‘fear of failure’ but now that I am on an honesty wave, I can’t help but be frank with myself that it is I who has been keeping myself away from the things I want to do and, most importantly, to feel.

I’m not too sure how I will get out of this but I am very sure that I will.

When is not so clear either but, again, I am sure.

As breezy as always,

O.G Baby aka TOGMC aka Aida xx

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