“Re-evolve til your uneasiness is solved”


Thandi and Niambi have successfully changed my life.

Before I begin my rant on how I would give my left nut to meet and write with these two ladies and beg to be their friend *I am anything but proud, I will be on my knees faster than you can say Nwanyi’oma* I’m going to tell you a little story of how I came across their music and decided to follow their journey.

I was in my dorm at college, chilling because I had nothing to do that day. I had just finished watching a documentary about The Black Panthers.

So, I’m sitting at my laptop thinking of what else to watch. I had just ordered pizza and I needed the perfect movie or documentary or article to accompany it. I’m on YouTube looking at my suggestions and I see Oshun – Protect Yourself and first thought: “Who are these people?” It had an image of like people in fluffy jumpsuits holding a futuristic gun type machine. I ignored it and listened to some Badu and Jill Scott. This goes on for like a half hour. I’m done with my pizza and the ‘itis is setting in.

SIDEBAR: I can’t properly fall asleep in a place that’s completely quiet so I usually play the Heart of Reiki instrumental to fall asleep.

I go back on YouTube to find the video and once I search for it, I see the same Oshun video and two other ones (Stuck and Gyenyame). Again, I ignore. I can’t find the video so I go on SoundCloud to check if the instrumental is there. First thing I see, before I could even search for the instrumental, someone on my soundcloud had reposted Stay Woke by…you guessed it, OSHUN! Then I’m like “Woah, ok. This is….let’s give this a listen” I’m thinking I’m gonna hate it like who do they think they are taking on the name of Oshun. The level of fuckery, right?


Believe me when I tell you that the ‘itis disappeared reeeal quick.

I was immersed into this realm of beauty, not for that seen but the unseen. The beauty in tradition. The beauty in the simplicity of their message but the power that held it all together. The physical and spiritual beauty of these ladies. The deities they embody. The love of self that is hard to miss. Oh, I was in awe. I was in love. For the first time, in a long time, sitting there, on my bed, staring at my laptop…I felt whole. Their songs go past the body (making you want to dance or bob your head to the beat), they go deep into the mind- making you think and challenge the ideals that have been drilled into you so you can find your truth; and the soul- making you feel. It’s a very powerful thing to feel and to experience that from  3,4,5,6 minute songs is beautiful. To this day, their music has the same effect on me.

I have never vibed like this to any artist so you know I had to put my girl, Zara on their music asap!! *laughs*

Honestly, I can’t wait to see where these amazingly awesome #wokeaf ladies will be in the next couple of years.

When I grow up, Thandi & Niambi, I wanna be just like you!



  1. Very talented women. They give me hope for the future of music. True beauties!


    1. 042bred says:

      True! They are amazing beyond words x

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Gifted and talented young ladies! They will be an inspiration to other artists coming up.


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